Snapdragon with Extended Postharvest Cut Flower Longevity

Flower longevity varies widely, due in part to natural genetic variation. Conventional methods of extending the longevity of cut flowers rely on a potentially hazardous chemical holding solution. This technology features several strains of snapdragons that keep longer as cut flowers. The inventor identified genes that extend the longevity and keeping quality of cut flowers in lines of white flowering snapdragons. Using an inbred-backcross method, these genes were moved into breeding snapdragon lines that produce flowers of other colors.


Flowers last twice as long as cut flowers from current commercial snapdragon cultivars

May be used in a breeding program to enhance the longevity of snapdragon varieties sold for cut flowers

May reduce the dangers from toxic chemicals currently used to extend cut-flower longevity


Inventors: Dennis P. Stimart

Source: http://warf.wisc.edu/, WARF: P06063US



Interspecific Vaccinium Hybrid (Lingonberry x Cranberry Hybrid)

The lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L) is a low-growing, woody, evergreen shrub widely distributed in the temperate, boreal, and arctic regions of the northern hemisphere. The American cranberry (V. macrocarpon Ait.) is native to eastern North America and is grown commercially for berry production. Lingonberry, and to a lesser extent cranberry, are also used as ornamental plants in landscaping. A UW-Madison plant breeder has made a novel cross between a selected wild lingonberry and the ‘HyRed’ cranberry cultivar to create a Vaccinium hybrid with improved ornamental traits. An individual from this cross, ‘VM-7,’is superior to either parent as an ornamental flowering plant in the cold zones. VM-7 is an excellent specimen plant and could be used in pots, in rock gardens or as a ground cover.


Flowers profusely due to multiple flower buds set on each stem

Blooms for longer periods because the plants are sterile

Evergreen foliage turns an attractive red color in winter light

Thick, waxy leaves give the plant excellent drought tolerance

Short stature improves the plant’s winter hardiness to -10 degrees Fahrenheit and below

Tolerant of winter flooding

Exhibits no spring dieback


Inventors: Eric L. Zeldin

Source: http://warf.wisc.edu/, WARF: P04343US