Other Small Grains

KEWAUNEE: Wisconsin Barley Test Line X3250-6 (Released in 1998)

Wisconsin barley test line X3250-6 has a pedigree of Hazen/Minn M46. The final cross was made in 1985 spring greenhouse in Madison, WI. X3250-6 has been tested statewide since 1993. It has been evaluated in the Mississippi Valley Uniform Barley Nursery in 1995 and 1996.

In statewide tests, X3250-6 performed very well, ranking first for one, two, and three year periods during 1994-1996. X3250-6 heads at the same time as Chilton and Morex and is about the same height as Hazen and Robust. X3250-6 has good test weight, lodging resistance and resistance to mildew. It has smooth awns and is considered a feed type barley.

Breeders Seed was grown in 1995 and Foundation Seed in 1996. Certified Seed was grown in 1997 and seed was available for on-farm planting in 1998. The name “Kewaunee” has been assigned.



SPOONER: Wisconsin Winter Rye Test Line Syn 5 (Released in 1993)

Wisconsin winter rye test line Syn 5 was formed by compositing 250 seeds from each of eight rye inbred lines. The eight parental inbred lines were selected based on superior characteristics including long spikes, strong straw, disease resistance and white aleuronic color. This initial Syn 5 population was grown in 1985-86. Performance trials were begun at Madison, Arlington, and Hancock, WI. Research stations in fall of 1987. Trials were expanded to Spooner and Ashland, WI. Research stations in 1991.

In statewide tests Syn 5 has had consistently high grain yields during 1988 to 1991. Grain yield averages of Syn 5 have exceeded those of Hancock rye. Test weight averages also are consistently higher then Hancock. Syn 5 heads about one day earlier than Hancock. Syn 5 is taller than Hancock, with better straw strength.

Breeders Seed was grown in 1986 and 1987 and Foundation Seed was grown in 1992. Certified Seed of Syn 5 was available for on-farm planting in fall of 1993. The name “Spooner” has been assigned.