Kidney Bean

Red Kidney Bean Germplasm and Varieties

Dark-red kidney beans are a $25 million industry in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. A team of researchers has now developed two new varieties of red kidney beans. Both varieties are resistant to the root rot pathogens Aphanomyces and Pythium. The varieties produce upright plants with long pods and dark-red beans of the proper size, shape, and color for canning. These varieties are superior to others both in terms of yield and canning quality.


Only root rot-resistant red kidney beans available

Exceptional canning quality

Rapid emergence

Superior yield

Environmentally friendly – require less fertilizer and chemicals than other varieties

Pods are long and don’t open easily, reducing field losses


Inventors: Robert E. Rand, Donald J. Hagedorn, Russell C. Doane

Source:, WARF: P01073US



White Mold & Root Rot Resistant Dark Red Kidney Bean with Superior Agronomic & Processing Qualities

Although white mold is the most economically damaging disease of legumes, resistance to white mold is not currently available in dark red kidney bean cultivars. Fungicides must be applied at flowering to prevent disease occurrence. This invention describes several high yielding kidney bean lines that are resistant to white mold and root rot. The lines were developed by crossing kidney bean lines with intermediate white mold resistance to root rot-resistant lines and selecting for plants that are highly resistant to white mold. They may be used by commercial bean producers to eliminate the need for treating beans with fungicide in the Midwest and other areas where white mold is a problem, or by organic farmers where chemical spraying is not an option.


Eliminates need for spraying costly fungicide on bean crops

Resistant to white mold and root rot


Good canning quality

Under root rot pressure, these lines exhibit longer and more numerous pods, as well as bigger root and canopy sizes than the standard commercial kidney bean line


Inventors: Robert E. Rand, Donald J. Hagedorn

Source:, WARF: P06049US